Set against the backdrop of a failing industry and mass unemployment, Trainer shows the personal stories of swimming coach Jim and gifted young swimmer Kirsty.

Kirsty: Maryann O’Brien
Jim: Greg Hobbs


Kirsty, an Olympic hopeful, is a highly tuned machine but also a young woman. Jim was a mechanic at Longbridge Rover, but now all his energy and his dreams of success are wrapped up in Kirsty. With Jim’s impending marriage, Kirsty feels emotionally neglected and as the story develops it becomes about their relationship and the boundaries between coach and athlete. Kirsty is the engine… and Jim, just the grease monkey.

Directed by – Adam Tyers
Producer – Alex Carruthers
Production Manager – Ash James
Camera – Siobhan Regan
Editor – Chris Jarrett

Location & Resources

Trainer was filmed on location in Perry Park, Birmingham.

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