The Game

Its 1972, London, the height of the cold war. Recently leaked intelligence informs MI5 of a Soviet plot to bring down the United Kingdom. In secret a team is assembled, tasked with the duty of investigating and stopping the Soviet sleeper agents scattered across London, before they succeed in their mission. A cold war spy thriller TV miniseries broadcast originally by the BBC in 2014.

The Game


An originally successful US TV series put out by BBC America, The Game was filmed mainly in Birmingham, where the city acted as a stand in for London, where the show is set. The series both in the US and the UK was garnered with much critical praise, making good subtle use of many of the city centre’s older landmarks.


Tom Hughes: Joe Lambe
Brian Cox: Daddy
Paul Ritter: Bobby Waterhouse
Chloe Pirrie: Wendy Straw
Jonathan Aris: Alan Montag

Location & Resources

Filmed in Birmingham city centre, at old Central Library and other landmarks, as well as in Mosely

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