The Call Up

Sci-Fi action film The Call Up tells the story of a group of elite online gamers called upon to test out a new state-of-the-art virtual reality game. As the guns begin to fire though, these pro-gamers discover that their simulated fight for life, is very much real.

The Call Up


Hollywood action sci-fi The Call Up, written and directed by Charles Barker, was filmed partially in Birmingham, in a location that was kept a secret during production. Producers of the film went on to publicly praise Birmingham as a potential filming location for Hollywood films in the future.


Max Deacon: Carl (Soxx_1)
Morfydd Clark: Shelly (Mustang67)
Ali Cook: Edward (Da_Chief)
Christopher Obi: The Sergeant

Location & Resources

Shot over the course of a 6 week period in Birmingham, The Call Up makes use of a variety of city centre locations including the underground car park at Broadway Plaza, and the No. 11 tower block at the entrance to Brindleyplace.

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