Danny and the Human Zoo

A two part drama for the BBC, following the early life of Dudley-born comedian Lenny Henry, as he finds his way from small venues of the Black Country, into a strange world of entertainment.

Danny and the Human Zoo


Lenny Henry’s autobiographical drama is an intimate and insightful look at the early life of the comedian. A Dudley-born man himself, Lenny Henry has sights like the Dudley Zoo entrance (painted back to its original 1970’s colours) appear richly in the drama. The production went on to win actors Kascion Franklin and Cecilia Noble National Film and Television awards for their performances.

Kascion Franklin: Danny
Cecilia Noble: Myrtle
Lenny Henry: Samson
Arthur Darvill: Jonesy
Mark Benton: Syd Noble

Location & Resources

Filmed on location around Dudley High Street, The Claughton Centre and Zoo – Dudley, Farquar Road, The Market Tavern, and Canon Hill Park – Moseley, Market Tavern Pub – Digbeth, Margaret Street courtyard and City Council building – Birmingham City Centre

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